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Conflict is inevitable in organizations – differences in perspectives, competing goals and objectives, access to different information, and disagreements on strategic focus. 

Many organizations associate the term “conflict” with fighting – a significant breakdown of some sort – and something to be avoided.  We disagree.

Conflict is not only unavoidable, it is essential 

The issue isn’t the presence or absence of conflict.  Rather, it’s about how we work with it to find innovative solutions, stimulate organizational learning, and strengthen relationships. 

Dealing with conflict is simple, but it isn’t easy.  Our methodology helps participants understand how to navigate conflict while providing a safe learning environment to practice new ways of dealing with tough issues. 

Ways we help our clients build conflict management capabilities

  • Classroom training: In-house workshops based on your organization’s specific needs, complete with custom cases and role plays.
  • Coaching: one-on-one assistance on individual areas of development and/or and advice on a difficult situations they are facing. 
  • Action learning: using “live” activities or challenges as a basis of applying the skills and concepts reviewed
  • Tool kits and play books: custom aids designed to guide users in the practical use of key  tools, as well as providing tactical advice for common scenarios

Example Areas of Application

  • Project and scope management 
  • Leadership development 
  • Contracts and legal 
  • Research and Product development 
  • Sales, account management and business development 
  • Sourcing and Procurement 
  • Project and scope management

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