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Having tough conversations in the workplace – about performance, resource allocation, timelines, or even interpersonal friction – are inevitable.  When not handled correctly, the costs can be heavy .

Turn difficult conversations into opportunities for shared learningDiffConWeb

Our Difficult Conversations courses are based on the approach outlined in our best-selling book Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most.

Although the topics themselves may be inherently challenging, when we address them skillfully they can be powerful opportunities to strengthen working relationships and achieve more optimal business results

Ways we help our clients build capabilities

  • Classroom training: In-house workshops based on your organization’s specific needs, complete with custom cases and role plays.
  • Coaching: one-on-one assistance on individual areas of development and/or and advice on a difficult situations they are facing. 
  • Action learning: using “live” activities or challenges as a basis of applying the skills and concepts reviewed
  • Tool kits and play books: custom aids designed to guide users in the practical use of key  tools, as well as providing tactical advice for common scenarios

Example Areas of Application

  • Improving customer service 
  • Giving performance feedback  
  • Managing difficult conversations with customers, suppliers, or other external partners 
  • Leading teams 
  • Foundational enterprise capability building 
  • Leadership development

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