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Complex organizational structures are now the norm. But organizational harmony only exists when there is a healthy tension among all segments. Unhealthy matrix organizations will lead to frustration, ineffective decision-making and a stagnant organization.

Across geographies, product lines, shared services, business units

Navigating through the key challenges of a matrix structure – multiple reporting lines, unclear decision-making authority, parallel priorities – requires a different mindset from that of a traditional hierarchical structure.

Our programs are built around three key components – shifting mindset, building skills and competencies, and equipping participants (and organizations) with tools necessary for effectively navigating and working in a matrix structure.

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Ways we help our clients build matrix management capabilities

  • Classroom training: In-house workshops based on your organization’s specific needs, complete with custom cases and role plays.
  • Advisory work: Vantage focuses on one particular challenge and assists with putting in place the mechanisms and processes to address and eliminate the challenge
  • Coaching: one-on-one assistance on individual areas of development and/or and advice on a difficult situations they are facing.
  • Action learning: using “live” activities or challenges as a basis of applying the skills and concepts reviewed
  • Tool kits and play books: custom aids designed to guide users in the practical use of key  tools, as well as providing tactical advice for common scenarios

Example Areas of Application

  • Foundational enterprise capability building 
  • Leadership and Executive development 
  • Shared services working with other areas of the organization

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