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From partner to partner; function to function; colleague to colleague; your company’s success – both in gaining value and maintaining relationships – depends on how well your employees negotiate.Getting to yes 2

Joint problem solving – not competing

 Based directly on the seminal bestseller, Getting to Yes – coauthored by Bruce Patton, one of our founders – and our 30 years of client work, our negotiation training has helped our clients to create value, build relationships and produce superior results that are sustainable over time.

Ways we help our clients build negotiation capabilities

  • Classroom training: In-house workshops based on your organization’s specific needs, complete with custom, in context cases and scenarios.
  • Advisory work: Vantage focuses on one particular challenge or deal and assists with preparation and execution.
  • Coaching: one-on-one assistance in developing strategies, reviewing prep tools and debriefing interactions
  • Action learning: using “live” activities or challenges as a basis of applying the skills and concepts reviewed post classroom training
  • Tool kits and play books: custom job aids designed to guide users in the practical use of key tools, as well as providing tactical advice for common scenarios
  • Centers of Excellence: Vantage develops a small cadre of people from your firm to serve as a “black belts” to the rest of your organization
  • Coach the Coach:  focused on helping leadership/management to improve their ability to effectively model and coach their reports on the negotiation tools and skills.

Example Areas of Application

  • Sales, account management and business development
  • Procurement and sourcing
  • Project and scope management
  • Leadership development
  • Contracts and legal
  • Foundational enterprise capability building

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