Influence: Harnessing the Value of Differences

Liz Rayer and Katherine Monson

Diversity (encompassing a myriad of differences) is critical for an organization's ability to innovate and adapt in a fast-changing environment. A Forbes study has identified workforce diversity and inclusion as a key driver of internal innovation and business growth, while McKinsey has shown that companies with diverse executive boards enjoy significantly higher earnings and returns on equity. And yet, while diversity clearly can breed innovation, many companies are leaving that value on the table by failing to capture and leverage those differences. In a recent Vantage Partners study, 75% more people reported that differences were "a significant source of conflict and inefficiency" rather than "a significant source of learning and innovation." 
In this presentation, Liz Rayer, a Partner at Vantage Partners, and Katherine Monson, an Analyst at Vantage Partners, will discuss how to unlock the benefits of diversity by adopting an approach where influence is a two-way activity, in which openness to learning and being persuaded is just as important as persuading others.  
By attending this session, participants will: 
  • Explore a model of influence that is built around getting to the best solution, rather than simply soliciting compliance.
  • Understand common influence pitfalls and how to guard against them.
  • Learn why a joint problem-solving approach to influence is foundational to capturing the full benefits of a diverse organization. 

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