Spring 2015 CLO Symposium Online Edition

Liz Rayer

Click here to view Vantage's recorded session from the CLO Spring Symposium presented by Vantage's Liz Rayer and Gabriella Strecker from Genzyme Corporation titled "The Influential Leader: Making a Matrix Work."

Matrixed structures have been the norm for some time, but management theories and leadership practices have not caught up. Those who lead and work in matrixed organizations consistently report that cross-functional conflict and decision-making gridlock are pervasive and costly. Learning professionals increasingly recognize that influence is a competence that needs to be built at all levels of matrixed organizations, but as long as the dominant influence paradigm is one where we each focus on persuading others that we are right — and convincing them to do what we want — the fundamental challenges posed by the matrix will remain.

In this presentation, we will draw upon current research about cognitive biases and our own study of matrixed organizations and influence styles to explore why and how to reconceive influence as a two-way activity, in which the openness to learning and being persuaded is just as important as persuading others. 

In this session, participants will:

  • Explore a model of leadership that is built around influence as the primary mode of engagement with management, peers and reports.
  • Understand common influence pitfalls and how to guard against them.
  • Learn why a joint problem-solving approach to influence is foundational to making a matrix work.

To view the recording, click here. 

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