Customized Skill Development Solutions for Procurement and Supply Chain Management Organizations

Vantage Enterprise Learning partners with Vantage’s Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Consulting Practice to help procurement organizations build enhanced competencies and drive measurable improvements in performance. We assist with the development competency frameworks, and design and deliver highly customized training in the areas of strategic sourcing, category management, negotiation, supplier relationship management, stakeholder engagement and influence, and leadership. Vantage Enterprise Learning’s solutions build on and can be integrated with an organization’s current sourcing and supply chain management processes and methodologies.

Through our sourcing and supply chain management practice, we lead supply chain transformation initiatives, advise chief procurement officers, support development of category strategies, design and implement supplier relationship management programs, advise on high-stakes supplier negotiations, facilitate value discovery efforts with key suppliers, and provide a range of maturity assessment and benchmarking services.

Ways we help our clients:

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We provide training and coaching that help procurement leaders and professionals get the most out of their negotiations with suppliers, including proven strategies and techniques for negotiating with single and sole source suppliers. We also focus on the critical task of collaborating and coordinating with end-users before, during, and after negotiations.

Supplier Relationship Management:
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Whether a company has a mature SRM program, is in the early stages of designing and implementing one, or is somewhere in-between, we help build the individual skills that are essential to effective collaboration with suppliers. As SRM is a cross-functional discipline, our skill development solutions do not focus only on procurement teams, but also address the other groups and functions that interact with suppliers in various ways.

Internal Stakeholder Engagement & Influence:
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We provide training and coaching to help procurement teams go beyond a focus on compliance and to establish trusted advisor relationships with end-users. We also focus on the skills needed to successfully drive change – whether at an enterprise, business unit, or operating unit level.

Leadership & Teamwork:
As procurement organizations take on an increasingly strategic role within most companies, building enhanced leadership skills needs to be a top priority. Our training and coaching offerings are tailored to help individuals at multiple levels of management learn practical techniques and build enhanced skills to motivate others, coach and develop talent, consciously shape organizational culture, and act strategically to create an environment that enables and encourages people to perform to their full potential.

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