Leveraging Negotiation and Influence Skills to Drive Culture Change and Enhance Competitive Advantage at a Leading Oil and Gas Company

The Company
One of the largest “supermajor” international oil and gas companies.  

The Challenge
In recent years, three market changes have led oil and gas companies to emphasize collaboration and partnership as strategic competencies.  First, governments and national oil companies have become more sophisticated and demanding.  Second, joint venture partnerships have become more attractive because of the high risks and costs associated with accessing deep water and other hard to reach oil and gas reserves.  Third, an influx of new hires and the upcoming retirement of baby boomer is leading to shifts in industry culture and creating leadership vacuums. 

The company’s technical leadership and track record of project execution remained among the best in the industry.  But, a team of senior executives from across the business realized that as an organization they were not well-positioned to meet the new demands of partnering and collaboration.

Vantage’s Solution
Over the course of several years, Vantage worked closely with the company to develop a comprehensive training curriculum in partnering, collaboration, influence and negotiation.  This program is tightly integrated with the core business and offers a suite of highly customized courses for professionals at all levels of the company – from entry-level employees through senior executives in unique operating contexts such as negotiating long-term deals with government counterparts.

The Result
The training initiative has measurably impacted the organization’s culture.  Employees throughout the world are increasingly recognizing the importance of long-term relationship management and commercial capabilities to overall success in the marketplace. 

In addition to broader perceptions of an evolving culture, the company has achieved valuable impact to the business.  Streamlined internal collaboration has led to efficiencies, and faster innovation cycles.  Improved negotiated outcomes have resulted in significant cost savings, while better partnering practices have strengthened strategic partnerships.  

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