Building Customer Loyalty

The Company

A business unit of a global media entertainment company with more than 100,000 employees and $2 Billion in annual revenues.

The Challenge

The organization had strained relationships with broadcasters who distribute the organization's content over airwaves and cable. The strained relationships were leading to sub-optimal performance and results, including lack of cooperation from the platforms when launching new content and new channels, expired contracts with no movement toward renewal, and an overall avoidance of discussing tough issues by both parties.

Vantage's Solution

Vantage created a highly customized training that focused on negotiations within the organization's industry and dealing with difficult counterparts. The training was rolled out to 500 employees across multiple functions and levels within the organization.

The Result

As a direct result of the training, the organization was able to improve their relationships with the broadcast platforms, while also improving the bottom line of their negotiated agreements. Progress was made in many contract negotiations, including closing several important contracts which had languished prior to the training. Overall, the organization's ability to create value with their distribution partners in the marketplace was enhanced. 

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