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  • Managing Difficult Conversations

    Liz Rayer and Lauren Krouskoff

    Difficult conversations are an inevitable part of work life (and personal life) — addressing poor performance, arguing over budget allocation, project planning across functions when there is disagreement on approach, saying “no” to a colleague, informing a customer of a delayed delivery — the list is endless. Read More »

  • Maximizing Executive and Innovation in a Matrixed Organization

    Jon Hughes and Liz Rayer

    For decades matrixed organizational structures have been the norm, however, it has not lessened the challenges associated with working in a matrix - or with making a matrix work. Read More »

  • Cultivating Trusted Advisor Relationships as Sales Professionals

    Michael Kalikow

    In this article, we explore what it takes for a sales professional to become a trusted advisor, and how establishing this kind of business relationship can be instrumental to long-term competitive advantage. Read More »

  • Negotiation Mastery: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters

    Michael Kalikow and Katherine Monson

    How would you rate your emotional intelligence when negotiating with a client? In this article, we explore the central role emotional intelligence plays in mastering the negotiation process. Read More »

  • The Influential Leader: Making a Matrix Work

    Jonathan Hughes, Katherine Monson, and Elizabeth Rayer

    Matrixed organizations have been the norm for some time, but management theories and leadership practices have not caught up. Those working in matrixed organizations need to start thinking of influence not as something we do to others, but as something we engage in with others. Read More »

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